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To preorder your copy of Your Soul's Missing Manual

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Your Soul's Missing Manual is part memoir, part spiritual handbook.

Book One: A Present Tense Memoir takes places in New York City as I revisit my struggles with addiction, health scares, creative work, sexual predators, and recall my spiritual experiences from Beijing, New Orleans, France, upstate New York, and my beginnings in Rhode Island. But more than a just memoir, my book transforms into a spiritual tool in Book Two, so that the reader can go through a spiritual change and not just read about one.

Comprehensive and practical, Book Two: The Seven Spiritual Talents includes:

  • The Seven Spiritual Talents are introduced and explained in depth. The “What Are Your Spiritual Talents?” test reveals how you are most spiritually gifted and what areas of your spiritual life may need attention.

  • Fifteen specific meditations, clear how-to meditate instructions, copious personal tips.

  • A hundred prayers in twenty categories addressing exact desires, challenges, and purposes, and clear how-to pray instructions.

  • More than a hundred affirmations in twenty categories, addressing exact desires, challenges, and purposes. Clear how-to use affirmations instructions.

    Book Three: Your Soul's Missing Manual - The Call is a prose poem to inspire your spiritual awakening.