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My partner betrayed me last Christmas and I wrote a book about it.

I was writing a book already. I began The Soul's Missing Manual when I was recently sober, spiritually fit, and traveling the world with the love of my life, Adam. I intended to talk about my past struggles and frame them with my current happiness and relationship. I thought that I was only going to expose my former flaws (distant ones) and present them like diamonds in a setting of my choosing, holding them up to the light in a flattering way. I never planned on writing about betrayal because I never thought that I'd experience it. But, perhaps I was to write this book for precisely the later parts. Maybe we're all a bit clueless as to which part of our stories will inspire or maybe even warn others. Isn't that the very effectiveness of the cautionary tale? My book doesn't have the happy ending that I initially imagined.

However, I betrayed myself first, as you'll discover...reserve your copy now