Cybil Lake is a writer, director, and actor living in NYC. 




Central Park Dark. Screenwriter. 2104

A married doctor has a one-night stand with an unstable woman who jumps out of his window, then begins to torment him, though it's unclear whether she's still alive or not.


The Fling. Screenwriter. 2013

Feature length screenplay about a married man who goes upstate to have an affair with a woman only to have her go missing.


The Gun Virgins. Screenwriter. Director. Actor. Producer. 2010

Second feature film about a woman who begins an underground gang in NYC. Began shooting with unpaid crew and cast. (Not completed.)


The Cybil Lake Show. Producer. Actor. Director. Editor. 2008-2010

My first online series documenting the entire process of making my feature, The Gun Virgins, from casting to shooting. Selected by NBC for a new filmmaker's program, The Screening Room. They filmed segments with myself and other filmmakers.


Earthbound Ravenous Animals. Screenwriter. 2007

Feature length screenplay about a woman cult leader.


Fifteen Percent. Screenwriter. 2006

Feature length screenplay about NYC real estate agents.


Jane the Stalker. Screenwriter. Director. Actor. Producer. 2001-2005

My first feature film about a woman stalker. Shot with an unpaid crew and cast. No budget. Wrote, directed, acted in, and edited. Screened at Anthology Film Archives series in New York City.


Beneath Our Shadows. Screenwriter. 1998

Feature length screenplay about the people who live below New York City.


An Echo Remains. Screenwriter. 1997

Feature length screenplay about the future where people no longer have memories.


An Echo Remains. Writer. Director. Actor. 1997

A short film. Screened out of competition at Cannes Film Festival 1998.



Worked in production for several independent films. (List available upon request.)

Acted in several plays, commercials, and films. (List available upon request.)



UC Santa Cruz  1993-1994. Went to UC Santa Cruz as a freshmen, studying poetry. Transferred to NYU to study film.

NYU Tisch School of the Arts, BA in Film and TV. 1994-1997

Wendy Ward Acting Studio. 2006-2009

Nicky Flacks Studio. 2009-2010