How To Get More of What You Want, Or Why Gratitude Is The Ultimate Power Tool

Today, the first of September, is one of those days that can feel chock-full of anticipation. Plans, dreams, goals, intentions. But, before you get ahead of yourself, express gratitude. If you want more of what you want, you need to express gratitude for what you already have.

Gratitude is not just mere praise for what we have. Gratitude is more than just a soliloquy celebrating the good in your life. Gratitude is an unifying force. Gratitude is a motion towards god, a magnetism towards the source of life itself. It is recognizing and attracting more life and abundance by pointing to creation, to god, to the universe, and saying, yes. Therefore, gratitude precedes abundance. Gratitude precedes happiness. Some folks think that the order goes in the reverse.

When filled with anger, self-pity, or uncertainty, when stuck in negativity, in hopelessness, when it feels like nothing will ever change, during these times, gratitude is the ultimate power tool. Yet, it feels like the opposite of what you want to do. You want to rage, pout, fight, destroy, complain, or cry. Instead, you must do the polar opposites, praise, thank, embrace, appreciate, value, and love.

Make a gratitude list. This is a simple list of the things, people, events, conditions in your life to which you give thanks. Start simply. Thank the universe, thank god, for your life itself. Thank them for your body, your soul, your chance to breathe. Be thankful for all of your senses. Be thankful for your home, your family. Your health. Your friends. Your favorite sport. Any money that you may have. Your job (even if you are not crazy about it), your clothes, your teapot, your computer, your shoes, your necklace, your tennis racket, your books, your boat, if you have one. Any talents that you possess. Any gifts that you have received. Any surprises. List them out on a piece of paper. Read them over. I suggest lighting a candle in gratitude. Make it a simple ceremony. This is your life. Give thanks for it. The good and the not so good. Be grateful for all. Even if you feel that you are forcing it, and you really don't feel grateful, do it anyway. Your angry, pouting self will come around, be patient, and act as if you are indeed grateful until then.

Summer Afternoon...

I meditated for a while this morning. I love meditating outdoors when it's warm. I'm one of those folks that love summer! I need meditation the way that I also need food and water. Without those things, I am hungry and thirsty. The same goes with my spirit. I'm working on an e-book about meditation. It's almost done!  I'll Keep you posted.